Parking zone(s) not visible in app

You have the Parkmobile app, but the ParkBee zones are not visible or incorrect locations come up, even if you enter the zone number manually.

Are you using the right app?
Check our website to see if you're using the right app. For gated locations you have to have the Parkmobile app and a UK account (see below). For non-gated locations, RingGo is used. Please check our website and the location you'd like to go to for information about which app to use.

Customer at Parkmobile Belgium or Parkmobile Netherlands
Do you maybe have a Belgium or Dutch account? These accounts are location-bound because of zone-numbers that are used double in separate countries. Unfortunately, you can only park with an official UK account when you are in the UK.

If you have a different account, you can make another one for the right country. Go to and create a new account, preferably with a different e-mail address and password to avoid confusion while logging in!

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