How do I use the RingGo app to pay for parking and enter the car park?

For our gated car parks, you will use the RingGo app to gain entry and pay for your parking session. For example, once you tap "Open Entry" this not only opens the barrier for you but also starts your transaction. 

Tapping "Open Exit" opens the barrier/gate and STOPS your transaction, so please ensure you only press this once you have finished using the car park.

"Open Pedestrian Door" opens the barrier but does NOT stop your transaction. So you must use this when you enter and exit on foot or if you would like to take your car in and out of the car park but still pay the day rate. 




Please note: You are NOT permitted to pay for your session using the automated service!  As you need to provide proof of purchase, it is adamant you download the app as this shows active/paid sessions

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