How do I use the RingGo App? (Buy time)

With RingGo services, you pay for your parking session in advance by selecting the number of hours/days you need to park your car for. You also have the option of extending this session should you need to.

Please see the steps below and pictures attached:

  • Download the app and register/login if you have an existing account with them
  • Enter the location code which can be found on the website or your reservation email confirmation
  • Select the number of hours/days you would like to use the parking space for
  • Find a space where the ParkBee signage is and park your car (if there are no signs, then you are permitted to park in any free space)


          Step_2._Select_duration_.jpg                     Step_3._Confirm_payment_.jpg                           

         Screen_Shot_2018-02-27_at_11.53.44.png                    Screen_Shot_2018-02-27_at_11.56.56.png                   


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