How do I pay for my parking using RingGo? (Pay per minute)

For our gated car parks you will use the RingGo app to pay per minute. For example once you tap "Open Entry" this not only opens the barrier for you but also starts your transaction. 

Please see the below steps and images you must follow in order to gain entry into our car parks and pay for your parking session. 

Step 1. Download and register with the RingGo app.

Step 2. When you arrive at the car park, enter the location code in the app (this can be found on the website or reservation email)

Step 3. Tap “Open Entry” and park your car

Step 4. To exit and re-enter on foot, tap “Open Pedestrian Door” as this opens the barrier but ensures your transaction is still open.

Step 5. When leaving, tap “Open Exit” to end your transaction and leave the car park

Screen_Shot_2018-04-10_at_15.13.55.png                     Screen_Shot_2018-04-10_at_14.51.58.pngRingGo_step_3.jpg                     RingGo_step_4_.jpg

RingGo_step_5.jpg                       RingGo_step_6.jpg

RingGo_step_8_.jpg                    RingGo_step_7_.jpg




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