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What are the tariffs and opening hours?

You can find the tariffs and opening hours for specific parking garages on the garage page through the website. Click on the right garage you want to visit On the garage pages you can also see extra information and photo's of the entrance. 

Tariffs: there are two tariffs, the hourly rate and the maximum tariff (up to 24 hours). After 24 hours, the hourly rate is charged again until the maximum rate has been reached.

Opening hours: in general, there are two types of locations:
Locations that have 24/7 opening hours and can be accessed and exited at all times. Parking longer than 1 day is possible in these garages.

Some garages are only opened during evenings/nights (18:00-8:00) on workdays and in the weekends (24/7).

On workdays, it is not aloud to be parked after 8:00 because it will bring problems for the people that ParkBee shares the parking spots with. If you park after 8:00 on workdays, people that need the parking spots will have a problem! Keep that in mind and pick up your car before that time :) 

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