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How does parking at ParkBee work?

See our movie first, to see how parking with ParkBee works. Here are the steps that you will take:


  • Find your ParkBee location in the Parkmobile or Park-line app or on the ParkBee website. ParkBee locations can be recognised because of their orange app logo.

  • Navigate to the ParkBee location (click on the 'Navigate' button or search for 'ParkBee [location name]' on Google Maps)

  • Are you in front of the barrier? Open the Parkmobile or Park-line app, select the garage on the map, find it in the list or search for it using the zone-number stated at the entrance. Click the button 'Open barrier'.

  • If the ParkBee location has a human door entrance, you can open it through the Parkmobile or Park-line app. In the open transaction, click on 'Open human door'
    Watch out! Are you an Android user? First click in the parking action, a new window will appear with the right button!
  • To exit the ParkBee location you can drive up to the barrier and click on the red button 'Open barrier' or 'Exit garage' in the Parkmobile or Park-line app. This will simultaneously open the barrier and stop the parking action.

  • Watch out! Some ParkBee locations have an exit sensor which will open the exit barrier automatically. Don't forget to stop your parking action when you leave the garage!! Otherwise you still pay for parking even though you have already left.

  • At the end of the month you will get an invoice from Parkmobile or Park-line and your parking costs will be subtracted from your bank account.


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