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I was charged too much, what happened?

Did the app charge you more than the hourly/maximum rate on the ParkBee website? That shouldn't happen, of course. These can be the reasons of 'overcharging':

  • You always pay per minute, was your parking action (a bit) longer than an hour/hours?
  • Parkmobile charges €0,25 per parking transaction, this is on top of the parking costs (except when you have a subscription)
  • Did you not pay through the Parkmobile/Park-line app? Then you officially did not park with ParkBee, but another parking alternative. ParkBee parking can only be done through the Parkmobile/Park-line app

ParkBee also has peak and off-peak tariffs for some locations. This means that for some ParkBee locations you sometimes pay less than in the neighbourhood! See the specific location page for the right parking tariffs and peak hours. 

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