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Are all locations open on public holidays?

ParkBee has locations that are open 24/7 or locations that have limited opening hours, generally open for ParkBee users in the evenings and/or weekends. These locations are shared with employees who use the parking spots during the day. On official bank holidays which count as an official free day, evening/weekend ParkBee locations are open for ParkBee customers.

On other holidays that are not official free days, this is not a given - most of the time the locations will be closed. If some are open, this will be clearly communicated on the location page on the website. 

Official free bank holidays: New Year's Day, Easter Monday, King's Birthday, Ascention Day, Whitmonday or Pentecost Monday, Christmas Day, St. Stephens Day or Second Christmas Day.

Holidays with no official free time: Good Friday, National Remembrance Day, All Saints Day and New Year's Eve.

On holidays that are not an official bank holiday, the opening times of evening/weekend locations might differ. The opening times are communicated in advance on our website.

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