At which parking spots am I allowed to park?

All ParkBee locations are unique and it works a bit different in every one of them. In many parking locations you are not aloud to park everywhere:

If you visit a new ParkBee location, check the ParkBee location webpage or read the info-messages in the app. Then you know where to park and if there are other things you might want to keep in mind. This way, we make use of the shared parking location in the right way and ParkBee can offer them to you for an affordable price.  

These are some 'general' assumptions you can make about parking at ParkBee:

  • If there are yellow ParkBee signs, most of the time you are only aloud to park on these spots
  • In case of reserved spots or business signs, preferably park on the spots without a sign
  • No signs? Yay! You're aloud to park anywhere!

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