How does the reservation system work?

For some locations you can reserve your drive-in time. This means you will be sure you can drive into the location, even though it is very busy. You can reserve half an hour before, and after you drive in.

In the case the location does not have any available spots for ParkBee users, YOU are still able to drive in during your reserved time and with the reserved licence plate number. Easily check in with your Parkmobile or Park-line app.

Costs: the costs for making a reservation are made separately and beforehand. Your parking costs are calculated through the Parkmobile or Park-line app and will be charged at the end of the month. This way you can change your plans and stay longer or shorter and you pay for what you use!

Cancel/change: changing or canceling your reservation is not possible after payment. You can make a new reservation but refunds are not possible!


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