What does parking cost?

There are some separate costs to parking with ParkBee. An explanation:

Parkmobile account
You always need the Parkmobile app and a DUTCH account to park at ParkBee. There's two choices for an account: paying per transaction (€0,25) or a subscription for unlimited parking actions per month (€2,-). Check the Parkmobile website for more information: www.parkmobile.nl

Parking costs
Parking costs are charged in the app and are based on your parking time. The parking tariffs are different per location and sometimes there are peak and off-peak tariffs. See the location and details on our website to find out how much parking there costs. 

Reservation costs
You can also choose to reserve a drive-in time so you are certain of a parking spot when you arrive. You can reserve a spot and pay for it up front, the costs are also dependent on location, date and time. See the location you want to park at, and choose reservation date and time for the exact costs (typically between €1-€5).

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