I can't download the Dutch Parkmobile, what to do?

If you can't download the Parkmobile app because your country settings are not in The Netherlands, there are a few tips & tricks to be able to use the right app.

VPN app
Use a VPN app like TunnelBear (free) to change settings and make your app store believe you have the right country settings.

1. Go to the App Store, scroll down and click on 'Apple ID'
2. Click on 'View Apple ID'
3. Change the Country/Region to the Netherlands

If you have money on your Apple ID this won't work. In that case, create a new Apple ID to log in with:
1. Use an email address that is not connected to an Apple ID
2. Choose 'No payment method'
3. Choose an existing address in the Netherlands, for example using your end destination or Google Maps
4. Verify your Apple ID email address in your mailbox

1. Change the country/address settings of your Gmail account to the Netherlands
2. If you already have payment methods selected, you can delete those

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