Parking zone not visible in app

You have the Parkmobile app, but the ParkBee zones are not visible. Not even if you enter a ParkBee zone number manually?

'StadsParkeren' account?
Have you never parked at ParkBee? It is possible that you have a StadsParkeren account and use this in combination with the Parkmobile app. In the past, StadsParkeren did not have its own app and used Parkmobile for this.
Using this account you can not see ParkBee zones, because we have no cooperation with StadsParkeren (a separate organization). You can see if you are a member of StadsParkeren through your invoice or the debit of your bank.

The solution:
You can create a new account, but then with the organization Parkmobile. This can be done via
Tip: do you want to stay a customer at StadsParkeren? Download the new StadsParkeren app and log in with your StadsParkeren login details. Then create a Parkmobile account via, make sure you choose a different password, and log in to the Parkmobile app. So you have your accounts with the right app and you can always park directly at ParkBee because you are logged in with the correct account at Parkmobile.

Customer at Parkmobile Belgium
Are you not a StadsParkeren customer, but do you have a Belgian Parkmobile account? Unfortunately, it does not work in the Netherlands, with this you can only park in Belgium. Create a new Dutch account with Parkmobile Nederland via

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