No confirmation email for your reservation?

Check your spam folder!

After your payment for the reservation, you will automatically receive an email with the reservation details. The email address where it was sent is shown after your payment. 

If you don't have it in your mailbox, it could be in your spam folder. Please check it before you get in touch with us, and mark ParkBee as a 'safe' contact.

If you still cannot find the email we sent you, it might be because several reasons:

- There is a different combination of licence plate number and email address in our ParkBee system

- There is a typo in the email address that we have registered for your licence plate

A payment = a reservation

If the payment succeeded and the money was withdrawn from your bank account, the reservation has succeeded. You are guaranteed to be able to check in with the Parkmobile/Park-line app during your reservation time with the reserved licence plate number.

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