I cannot reserve: 'Registration error: user already exists'

What does it mean?

If you get this error message, it means your licence plate number and email address combination are not the same as in the ParkBee system. At the moment, we only have the possibility of registering one licence plate number to one e-mail address. If you have more licence plates or a different e-mail address, the system doesn't let you reserve.

For your privacy, Parkmobile and Park-line cannot send us your personal information like your licence plate number and e-mail address. That is why we ask you to fill it in (the first time) and why it's not automatically changed when you change it in your app account. We're sorry for that!

How can you resolve this issue?

Do you have a second car with which you would like to reserve and park at ParkBee? You could reserve by adding a different email address to the (new) licence plate number. It will make a new user in the system and you will be able to reserve without problems, and we can send you an email with confirmation of your reservation.

Did you never park with ParkBee before, or do you have a new car? Maybe the former owner of the car was registered at ParkBee. In this case we have to change the information in the ParkBee system for you. You can call us on our helpdesk number: +31 (0)85-888 0786. Give us your licence plate number and we will do the rest. You will be able to make your reservation right after the change.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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